2 Mandolin Workshops

Cafe Lena, Saratoga Springs NY

10:30-12:30 - Mandolin workshop - Get Rhythm

As great as the four finger bluegrass style chop chord is when playing traditional bluegrass, there are better choices when playing other styles of music on the mandolin. Whether you are into Jazz, swing, old time, bossa nova, rock, blues, or pop music, this workshop will expand your mandolin rhythm and chord vocabulary and get you playing great rhythm mandolin in a variety of styles including, swing and jazz, bossa nova/sambas, clave patterns, and more.

Intermediate Level

1:30-3:30 - Mandolin Workshop - Everyone Can Improvise!

Ever wonder how some musicians can just make up solos on the spot? This workshop explains some of the basic elements of the language of the improviser including two common types of improvisation used in a variety of musical styles.

Melodic improvisation: improvising based on the melody.

Harmonic improvisation: improvising based on the chord structure.

This workshop is open to all levels and can be useful to all instrumentalists.